Strategic partners

Nippon Soda

Nippon Soda

Nippon Soda, a major global chemicals corporation with consolidated sales of €4.5 billion in FY2014, is also a founder shareholder in Certis Europe. Established in 1920, the Company entered the agrochemical field in the 1950s and, since then, has distributed a variety of safe and effective agricultural chemicals.

While the use of generic agrochemicals is growing worldwide, and the environmental burdens of using agrochemicals must be reduced to make their use sustainable, the Nippon Soda group is conducting research and development aimed at creating innovative horticultural and farming crop protection products with eco-friendly profiles and unique modes of action.

With four R & D facilities in Japan and a Joint Venture (Japan Agro Services) in France, it continues to invest in and to work on new product development in this field, including the broad spectrum fungicide Topsin (thiophanate methyl) and the acaricide Nissorun (hexythiazox). Together with other product introductions in Europe through Certis, Acetamiprid, a neonicotinoid insecticide, , Tebufenozide, an insecticide, and Cyflufenamid, a fungicide for powdery mildew, these are valuable components of the Certis portfolio.

Kumiai Chemical Industry

Kumiai Chemical Industry

Kumiai Chemical Industry Co. Ltd is a research-based chemical company, with its own Life Science Research Institute. Established almost 70 years ago in Japan and driven by scientific creativity, its corporate motto continues to be “to protect and foster life and nature”. The company works to create new and unique crop protection products that meet farmers’ and growers’ needs and which contribute to a stable supply of food production globally. Reported sales in 2015 were US$ 507 million.


Its activities started at a time when the agricultural industry entered a new era as a modern chemical industry and the corporate history of Kumiai Chemical reflects the history of the development of the agricultural industry in Japan.

As part of its global operation, the company has enjoyed a close partnership with Certis Europe for many years and became a shareholder in 2009. Certis has been responsible for the development and commercialisation of Kumiai’s mepanipyrim (Frupica / Japica), benthiavalicarb (Valbon) and benthiavalicarb+folpet (Vincare) for various European markets. Certis Europe is a strategic business partner for Kumiai in Europe and the excellent and strong relationship between the companies is a sound basis for further collaboration which will enable Kumiai to expand its product and service offering in the European crop protection market.




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